Definitions Classes, Wedding Dance Lessons London

Dance Class or Sessions – a teaching session for a group lasting no less than 30 minutes.

First Dance Lessons (in London areas) or Sessions – a teaching session for a couple lasting no less than 45 minutes.

First Dance Songs – first dance songs used for wedding dances.

Private Dance Lesson or Individual Dance Lesson – an individual session with a teacher per one student or two students. A single session lasts 45 minutes; a double session lasts 90 minutes.

Dance Workshop – one-off session teaching more than two students at a time lasting a minimum of 60 minutes. Dance classes in West London are available only for couples, not singles. 

Changes and Cancellations

To book sessions and packages upfront payment is required, otherwise full single session prices apply. Packages are not refundable or transferable. To cancel a session 48-hour notice is required, otherwise, the session will be charged at full cost.

Get in touch now using the details at the top of the page or call Paul on 07849336110 to book individual wedding dance lessons in West London.

Here’s a testimonial from a happy couple: 

“We took wedding dancing classes in West London with Paul not long ago.Thank you for teaching us to dance for our big day. It was a truly magical day with memories to last a lifetime. We certainly felt we were in Saturday Night Fever on the dance floor!”

Mags & Alan